Zena the 71 240 Z

This is the story of Zena the Datsun 1971 240Z.

Zena came to our family June 6, 2002 just 3 weeks after I decided that I would have more fun fixing up a Z than a 79 620 Pick-Up called Buzz. I found Zena in Portland Oregon (gotta love the internet) after speaking with the owner and getting confident that nothing was being hidden from me I took a 1.5 hr flight from Sacramento California to Portland met the owner’s mom and dad, paid for the car and literally drove off into the sunset. She promptly scared the poop out of me when I turned out of the parking garage and found out that I should start my turns a little later now that I am sitting in what would be the back seat of most cars!

After that we settled down with one another I soon discovered that she really did need new struts when I hit the first bridge to freeway joint and she tried going in three directions at once.  The next problem arose when I began noticing that the awful exhaust odor was not coming from that old pick up in front of me. So I opened all the windows and dam if it didn’t get worse! I soon discovered that I could reduce the odor if I closed the windows and turned on the vent fan full with all the vents open.  This worked for about 15 min until I decided that if I did not do something about this . . . Zena was going to kill me on our first date! I soon remembered that I had packed a roll of  . . . . duct tape . . . the bailing wire of the late 20th century. I stopped the car taped the whole rear hatch seam and it worked. I proceed down I-5 and we spent the night the KOA in Eugene. The next day was uneventful with the exception of stopping at every rest stop soaking my shirt to keep cool until the next rest stop.

Zena is now getting to know Buzz (as in Buzz Light-year) the 1979 620 Datsun Pickup and Dotti the 1972 510 2dr. I am hoping that Sally (1993 Saturn SC2) my daily ride does not get jealous. Then there is Vicki (who is a snob) a 1996 Volvo 850 GL. Shortly she will be getting to know Sue (1992 Saturn SL2) who has been in storage waiting for my 2nd son to get his license. He thinks he is going to get to drive Zena I told him to dial 1-800-Fat-Chance.

The photos below show Zena getting new struts and rebuilding the calipers.